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(for sitar and tanpura):

body: the gourd and neck are combined in a one-piece body which is constructed of carbon fibre reinforced epoxy resin, the neck is strengthened with rigid rods which makes it immovable.

soundboard: specially selected and dried cedar.

fingerboard and head: walnut is used for the strength especially for the head.

nut: ebony.

bridge: the synthetic bridge combines perfectly with the synthetic body and has a minimal wastage and thus a longer life because the strings slide smoothly over it due to its permanent greasiness.

main string keys:
banjo keys with easy accessibility in sitting position and a very accurate tuning without the necessity to use slipping beads.

(only for sitar):

sympathetic string keys:
ukulele keys placed at the side of the neck leading the strings over the top of the fretboard make weakening penetrating holes unnecessary and key the strings easily.

frets: non-oxidising stainless steel frets have a longer life and a clearer tone.
















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